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 Potrero Select

The best of the Potrero Chico.  Includes maps, topos and full color photos.

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Potrero Select

Climb El Potrero Chico

This plain-Jane guide is updated annually and is the only up to date book with all the newest routes and detailed topos.  Now in its 19th edition with an orange cover.

Climb El Potrero Chico


A Brief History of Potrero Chico Guidebooks

1994  El Potrero Chico, A Pocket Guide by Jeff Jackson
Potrero Pocket Guide

This was a fold-up brochure containing 81 routes, maps and general info.

1994-1997  A battered notebook at Homero’s Ranch contained all the new route info.

1997 El Potrero Chico Climber’s Guide by Greg Keith & Ineke Van Ieperen

El Potrero Chico Climber’s Guide

1998  Climb El Potrero Chico by Magic Ed

Climb El Potrero Chico

2000   Mexico Rock by Jeff Jackson

Mexico Rock

This excellent book about EPC and 9 other Mexican climbing venues is out of print.  Guidebook collectors will be happy to know that we still have a few remaining copies.

2006  Potrero Select by Magic Ed

Potrero Select

Features the best of the Potrero with lots of color photos and other useful info.

2007  The Whole Enchilada by Dane Bass

Aside from the brilliant title and a good geology section this book contains hundreds of errors and poor route info.  It is rapidly becoming obsolete because of all the new routes that are not in it.

2014  Climb El Potrero Chico by Magic Ed

Now in it’s 19th edition it is the only up-to-date guidebook available.

Climb El Potrero Chico 17th edition 2012