Buying golf clubs as a senior

In the game of golf, clubs are everything. Sure, if you don’t care about playing competitively, you can get by any decent set of clubs and have fun, but i and most of the people i know do care. Having good golf clubs is especially important when you’re a senior. Regular golf clubs made for average males don’t work well for seniors, because seniors have different physical capabilities. They need lighter and more forgiving clubs, because on average, seniors tend to make mistakes more often than young golfers. Because of all these reasons, need for senior golfers to have quality golf clubs is amplified even further.

Not all golf clubs are equally useful for seniors though. I think certain individual clubs, as well as certain types of clubs are better suited for their needs. There are many excellent club sets made for seniors, so i won’t get into those. Instead, i’ll overview few of the major golf club types and give my opinion on which one’s best for seniors.

Driver and woods don’t really have an alternative and they are hands down must have for any senior looking to play golf with his/her clubs. Except for, sometimes people replace woods with hybrids and even irons. There are some golf club sets that omit even the driver itself. I think that’s taking things to the extreme, but replacing all other clubs with hybrid is actually pretty smart. Majek club set, included in this GolfClubsGuru guide’s top seniors’ golf clubs list, is pretty good example of brilliant hybrid set for seniors. Hybrids are customizable, so they can be designed to be as accurate as irons or even putter. On top of that, they have all the advantages that hybrids are famous for, such as being versatile in terms of where you use them. Good irons with graphite shafts can also be super useful for seniors, but good irons are usually very expensive. That’s why i think irons can be entirely replaced with hybrids without any loss of quality in your game.

I’ve mentioned club sets before, and now i’m going to give few more details about them. There are many sets for seniors, with different price tags. There are some that are as cheap as few hundred dollars, and some that cost more than thousand. I don’t judge club sets based on their price, because it doesn’t mean anything. 200$ club set can be perfect for beginner who’s just getting started and wants to casually play golf, while thousand dollar one will be a waste of money, and vice versa. So it all depends on individual senior’s needs. As a rule of thumb, if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t pay more than 500$ for a club set.

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