Golf gear that every woman golfer should have

Gear is important in every sport i know, but in my humble opinion, it is most important in golf. Success on the golf course largely depends on two things : your gear and your skills. For example in soccer, the ball doesn’t matter much, because it’s very simple and everyone uses the same one, so if it has flaws, everyone suffers because of them. On the other hand, in golf, even if you’re skilled, playing with bad clubs will significantly affect your end results. If you’re playing competitively, every yard of distance counts, which is why pros usually play with very best clubs which cost thousands. Of course they also have excellent training, and you can’t really be good at golf just by using fancy golf clubs. Taking few lessons when you’re beginner golfer is extremely important and so is having good golf clubs and other golf accessories. I can’t make recommendations when it comes to which women’s clubs to buy, but this article includes list of best women’s golf clubs in 2019, so reading it should be helpful.

When it comes to buying golf clubs, beginners usually have two options : buy affordable club sets, which are very good quality for the price, thus saving money and time. On the other hand, they can buy all of the clubs individually and collect the set they like the best. One advantage of the latter approach is that your golf clubs are personalized to meet your exact needs. You have more freedom to choose whichever club you feel like you need. If you look at it from different angle though, that advantage is also kind of disadvantage. You need to have proper knowledge of how golf clubs work and of choosing them properly. Without that, you’ll be making bunch of mistakes and it will turn out worse than had you bought just a club set. That’s why, at the end of the day, i always recommend club sets to beginners. They are a sure thing, and even if it turns out that you’re not that into golf, you can always sell them at minimal loss. Some people of course don’t care about saving money, but this advice refers to those golfers who are conscious about overspending their budgets.

Once you have golf clubs covered, now you’ll need some accessories for them. First and foremost, you’ll need golf bag. If you listen to my advice and stick with club sets, you’ll be in luck, because they usually come with golf bag included in the deal. Clubs are usually nothing extraordinary, yet they are good enough for a starter. Once you know more about golf and are comfortable around course, you can switch to any other bag that you like. You’ll also need headcovers to protect your clubs, if not all of them, then at least driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

Other essential accessories include, most importantly, gloves and umbrella. The main use case for umbrella is probably obvious, but people often don’t get why golf gloves are so essential. First of all, they protect your hands from bruises and other possible damage. Second of all, they improve your grip of the golf club, which results in you swinging golf club much more effectively.


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